Preschool Classes
HAVE A BLAST rolling, cartwheeling, jumping, climbing, swinging, and much more, all while skill building! 

Parent & Might (ages 2-3 years)
The Parent & Might program focuses on fun while developing strength, balance, self-confidence, following directions, and a student/teacher relationship.  This parent assisted class uses all gymnastics equipment for skill building and fun! Class is for children ages 2 to 3 years old. 
All parents/guardians should be fully prepared to participate throughout the entire class.   No adults will be allowed on  the equipment for safety reasons.

Tiny-Might (ages 3-4 years)
These independent students will be introduced to gymnastics in a fun and active class that builds self-esteem, strength, listening skills, and socialization.
​Classes are designed to be fun, energetic and positive.  Beginning gymnastics skills will be taught on all events.

Ulti-Might (ages 4-5 years)
This is a fun, fast moving class for new or continuing students.  Ulti-Mights will learn basic gymnastics skills while improving strength, coordination, and agility which will get them ready for any sport!

Mighty Boys! (3 - 5 years)
Same as Ulti-Mights but on Boys equipment!  
A fun, safe learning environment where children of all ages and abilities develop skills for life.