The Ultimate Girls Team
Girls Team Director Assistants
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Stacy Wall  -

Overseeing owners: Rebecca Sanders -
                                   Rob Northrip -

Team Coaches:
 Jennifer Angel or
 Wendy Ambrose​  -
​  Steve Kams -
  Tina Hoyer  -
​  Stacy Wall  -
  JR Halek -
  Cheyne Clark -

Yelp Review 

While the recreational gym program is great, this review pertains to the competitive team program. My gymnast did 3 gyms in 3 states. We've seen the worlds of heartless competitive drive, TOP/Elite, booster clubs, etc.  

Ultimate Gymnastics is THE gym to be.  
1) The business model is professional: experienced coaches trained in their field as well as CPR, respectful, knowledgeable and helpful office staff, continuous improvements in the facility and programs.
2) The team program is phenomenal. The athletes who succeed at Ultimate are the team-spirited, supportive, caring ones. They thrive under coaches who cheer on ALL the competitors at a meet. They learn to love the sport, develop physically & mentally, and become well-rounded people.  
3) Ultimate attends and hosts charity meets - if you haven't been in the 'other' kind of gym, then you don't realize how charity meets are the antithesis of the selfish pressure that can exist for a team to win prize money to 'deserve' new equipment.

I can't say enough about Ultimate... It was hard to believe this "nice" gym (NO dietary restrictions, weigh-ins, shouting coaches, required meets in far away areas aka "fly meets", mysterious level placements, and banning of parents from watching practice or speaking at meets) could get their athletes to high levels... but they do, and the athletes get to high levels with a strength of character they couldn't get at those "tough" gyms.
Ultimate's girls work hard and manage to have fun too!  We believe in providing an atmosphere that is not only challenging but is also positive! 

We house Levels 3-10 who compete throughout the state at the beginning levels, and throughout the USA for our higher level competitors competing in Regional and National competitions. We offer two out of state meets to anyone who enjoys traveling.  Last year the destination was Orlando, where all of the competitors, of course, enjoyed Walt Disney World!  This season (2017-2018) the compulsories and optionals will be traveling to Orlando again for the Sand Dollar Invitational and to St. Petersburg for the "All Hands on Deck Invitational"!

Our competition season begins in November and goes through to Nationals in May.

Travel Trip 2017-Sand Dollar Invitational
A fun, safe learning environment where children develop skills for life.
2017 Level 4 STATE....May the Four's be with you
Ellie Haas: 10th vault & beam, 5th bars, 9th floor, 9th floor
Olivia Auriol: 6th beam
Caile Painter: 10th floor
Lyla Drowne: 5th floor
Ava Fendel: 8th floor
2017 Level 8/9 State......We SHAMROCKED it!
Gianna, Jenna, Ashley, Anna, and Sylvia all made it to REGIONALS!
Sylvia Raquel...VAULT CHAMP, 3rd floor
Anna Becker...7th AA, 6th Bars, 6th Vault
Ashley Derrick....VAULT CHAMP, 2nd 2nd AA, 3rd floor
Jenna Ritzert....4th floor
Ashley Level 8 VAULT CHAMP
Sylvia Level 9 VAULT CHAMP
2017 Level 6/7 State.......KEEP CALM AND DREAM ON!
Vault                                                                                             Bars
Level 7 Jillian Ellenwood 6th                                                        Level 7 Emma Haas 11th
Level 7 Madison Miks  10th                                                         Level 7 Ainslee Cutler 8th
Level 7 Ainslee Cutler 9th                                                           Level 6 Emily Chabreja 6th
Level 7 Olivia Roebuck 2nd
Level 7 Jordan Scott 4th
Level 7 Daniella Strauss 9th
Level 7 Kris Merten 2nd
Level 6 Emily Chabreja 8th

Beam                                                                                         Floor                                       
Level 7 Emma Haas 9th                                                            Level 7 Olivia Roebuck CHAMP
Level 7 Kris Merten 4th                                                             Level 7 Chloe Byrne 2nd
Level 7 Ainslee Cutler 6th                                                         Level 7 Emma Haas 3rd
Level 6 Christina Raquel 10th                                                   Level 7 Amanda Hamann 6th
Level 6 Becca Tran 8th                                                             Level 7 Madison Miks 10th   
Level 6 Emily Chabreja 10th                                                    Level 7 Jordan Scott 9th
Level 6 Aideen Cazzini 2nd                                                     Level 7 Peri Arkin 6th 
                                                                                                Level 7 Daniella Strauss 8th
                                                                                                Level 7 Christina Raquel 5th                                             All Around
Level 7 Emma Haas 7th
Level 7 Madison Miks 10th
Level 7 Kris Merten 6th 
Level 6 Emily Chabreja 7th
Level 6 Aideen Cazzini 4th

2017 Level 7   7th Place Senior Division
2017 Level 7    13th Place Combined

Olivia Roebuck Level 7 FLOOR CHAMP
2017 Level 3/5 State.........."Shine Like a Star"
Level 3 Andrea 7th Place beam
Level 3 Grace 4th Place beam
Level 3 Grace FLOOR CHAMP
Level 3 Allie 10th Place beam
Level 3 Allie 5th Place Floor
Level 3 Allie 8th Place AA
Level 3 Allie 6th Bars
Level 3 Camryn 10th Place Beam
Level 5 Hailey 7th Floor
Level 5 Hailey 5th Vault
Level 5 Mackenzie 7th Vault
Level 5 Hailey 8th Place AA
Level 5 Sienna 5th Vault
Level 5 Sienna 7th bars
Level 5 Sienna 7th AA
Level 5 Angelina 5th Vault
Level 5 Ellie 3rd Bars
Level 5 Ellie 6th Vault
Level 5 Ellie 9th Floor
Level 5 Ellie 4th AA                                                                                                                                         Level 5 Maya 2nd Vault                                                                                                                                   Level 5 Maya BARS CHAMP                                                                                                                           Level 5 Maya 2nd Beam                                                                                                                                   Level 5 Maya FLOOR CHAMP                                                                                                                       Level 5 Maya AA CHAMP     
Ally Hoyer & Lauren Feely!
Level 5 Juniors
Grace Reimer Floor Champ
Maya Bars, Floor and AA CHAMP
Congratulations on the following for making the Illinois State Team!
Peri Arkin, Ainslee Cutler, Kris Mertens, Madison Miks, Jordan Scott, & Ashley Derrick
Sylvia Raquel will advance to L9 Eastern Championships in Lansing, Michigan on April 28th! Top 7 advance and Sylvia 
was 2nd in the AA!
Sylvia Level 9 Regional Vault Champ

Sylvia Level 9 Regional Beam Champ
​Level 7/8 Regionals....Battlecreek, MI
            Vault                                              Beam                                                        AA
Jordan Ann Scott 2nd                                Daniella Strauss 3rd                                Emma Haas 5th
Daniella Strauss 6th                                  Chloe Byrne 9th  
Emma Haas 6th                                         Emma Haas 8th
Amanda Hamann 10th                              Amanda Hamann 11th
Ashley Derrick 3rd                                     Anna Becker 9th
Ainslee Cutler 2nd                                     Olivia Roebuck 7th
Madison Miks 4th                                      Ainslee Cutler 3rd
Chloe Byrne 7th                                         

            Bars                                               Floor
Jordan Ann Scott 4th                                 Chloe Byrne 5th
Annika Chudy 9th                                      Jordan Ann Scott 10th 
Emma Haas 9th                                         Emma Haas 5th
Ainslee Cutler 2nd                                     Oliva Roebuck 2nd   
​                                                                   Madison Miks 6th  

Level 7 Regional AA CHAMP

Level 9 Eastern's
Sylvia Raquel representing 
Senior 3 for REGION 5!
Lauren Feely-
Graduate of Bowling Green 2017!
2016 & 2017 Mac Champion
SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2017 MOVE UP MEET @ Flipstar (Mobility MEET)

Congratulations to our Level 4's on getting the mobility score to advance to LEVEL 6!
Way to go Nora W., Ava F., McKenna C., Caile Painter., Lyla D., Gaby., and Ellie H!!!!!